Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Best Kept Secret

The weather in Colorado Springs... that's what I'm talking about here.

Best Kept Secret EVER!

When we moved here from the South - everybody thought we were moving to an Antarctic region... man they even had us believing it!

But that is simply not the case!

This weekend while I had friends in ATL bracing for ice, closed schools and freezing temperatures... what were these two doing?

Enjoying lunch outside in January looking MAD comfy!

Out here - we tend to get the best of both worlds!

It means we never pack up the rollerblades and bikes cuz ya never know what kind of weekend you're gonna have!

One weekend might have a snowball fight going on out there - and the next one we're in shorts and riding bikes!

And we LOVE it!

This isn't some weird fluke either... it's been pretty consistently awesome for the past 4 years!

Don't believe us...?


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