Monday, January 22, 2018

Daddy... My Ears Are HOT!

This girl right here is straight up nutty... and I LOVE it!

Last night - after we came in from shoveling (she begged to help me!) - she said:

"Daddy.... my ears are HOT... like burning!"
Weird, huh?

We took her temperature - she was fine.

I told her somebody was probably talking about her... that's all.

She looked at me like I was wacko - then went and put some ice in two small bags, before asking:
"Daddy - do you have some tape? I need to tape these ice bags to my ears."
Dead serious... not even a hint of a smile.

I suggested she get her ear cover thing and tuck them up in there - much better hold than tape.

And there she sat... looking as cute as can be.

With ice strapped to her ears.

About 30 minutes later she says:
"Daddy! My ears are FREEZING!"
Ya think?

I wonder why, ya goofball!

The girl keeps me smiling for days.

She woke up today and her ears were just fine.

So thankful for her spirit!

Stay YOU, Meron - the world needs your unique YOU!

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