Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dear Mebbie...

Dear Mebbie... hold up, wait? Are you 9 already?
Seems like yesterday you were 3 and a little unsteady;

Unsure where you were headed, but surely braver than most,
Backed by a loving God and a global Heavenly host;

He put in motion a plan, you crossed an ocean to land,
In this crazy crew you're in - you helped the show to expand!

You inherited a sister... and your sister did too,
You couldn't resist her and she cherished becoming two;

You've taught me so much about love, strength and courage,
You're a blessing! And it's a privilege to watch you flourish!

You're creative, you are caring, you have your very own style,
You bring darkness into light with just a flash of your smile;

You're a deep thinking, Jesus loving, child of God,
With a heart for serving others that always leaves me awed;

You're a gift in your classrooms, both at church and at school,
You're not a legalistic junkie but ya follow the rules!

You know grace and give it often - so much like your Savior,
And you're a warrior for truth - hard-pressed to make ya waver;

You love your barbies, love your dolls, and ya like to have fun,
And when your brother needs a playmate - he knows you are the one!

You have a heart that beats in sync with the One who made it,
You're a joy to the core - and that's why I celebrate it!

You've made this family so much better and best believe this is true,
I would be a better person if I could be more like YOU!

Your daddy loves ya to pieces, girl!

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