Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dear Zechie...

Dear Zechie... come here homie let's have a chat!
I'm so glad that God had plans and Camp Hoffman is where you're at!

I was hurting Z! Under-repped by the majority,
Living life up in a house that felt like a sorority!

And yeah I love my girls - more than you could imagine,
But I needed a distraction to balance the passion and fashion,

And God sent you! In all of His fame and glory,
Placed you squarely in our hearts expanding the family story;

And look at you! You rolled with it like no other,
You're a phenomenal son and an outstanding little brother!

You brought crazy to the sane - check that - we were always crazy,
But you took crazy up a notch, me and mommy could not be lazy;

Yeah ya keep us on our toes, doing boy things that boys do,
Ninja Turtles, TV shows, hero toys and cowboys too!

But your very best part and we saw it from the start,
Is the way that you love and the depth of your heart!

You're only 6 - but your chasing Jesus daily,
If I could I'd write a song and bravely play it on the ukulele;

Cuz you're an inspiration - with all that you've beat in life,
All the hurdles placed before ya - all the drama, all the strife;

With courageousness... you boldly walked right up to 'em,
Grabbed your mom and my hands and confidently walked right through 'em!

I could go on for days dropping words here to describe you,
Just know this - when we needed a Zechie? God prescribed you.

Your my bubba, little homie, and I LOVE YOU!

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