Saturday, January 27, 2018

Digital Compassion

Man... we absolutely LOVE that we get the privilege of being able to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

These guys pretty much invented child sponsorship and they do it right and do it in the name of Jesus with ZERO shame or hesitation.

What's that in the hands of this crew of lovely ladies you might be wondering?

Well, Compassion also gives ya tons of ways to make the impact of your sponsorship grow with leaps and bounds.

That's the new and improved Compassion App that we all have installed!

And we're loving it!

We've already written two times to "Little Meron" this week - with pictures and everything included!

I absolutely LOVE how simple they make it!

They give you info about your child, their location, their education, their activities... all at your fingertips!

And it also has simple reminders that can be set to remind us to write our girl and also to remind us to PRAY FOR HER!

Wanna get in on the awesomeness that is this app?


Go check out the kids who need a sponsor... pick the one that speaks to your heart...

Then simply download and install the app and you're on your way to some digitally awesome Compassion!

I love how Compassion has done everything they can to remove the barriers that might halt my own compassion...

Thanks Compassion International - for all you do for kids in need around the world - and for the powerful Name you do it in!

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