Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I Am Going To Church...

One of Z-Dogg's homework assignments tonight was to draw a picture and write a quick note about something he was going to do this weekend...

Little homie chose to draw and write "I am going to church."

I love it!

Zechie ALWAYS draws himself brown - and apparently he draws the church very colorful!

I love that even given the tumultuous run we've had with "church" over the past year and a hlaf or so - Z-Dogg still has it top of mind when he thinks about things we'll be doing this weekend!

Zechie... daddy is glad that you love church and look forward to going!

Never let that change Z-Dogg. Ya can't hold it accountable if you're not THERE!

Daddy may expect a lot from the church and hold them to their scriptural obligations - but in all my times doing that - we never left it.

Too many people wanna bash it while leaving it... and that makes their input irrelevant.

Stay loving it, stay relevant and stay representing Him like you do!

Take 'em to church, Z... take 'em to church!!

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