Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Just Needed To Smile

It has been a WILD kind of week, man...

We had crazy communication from folks who wrote us off a year ago, bizarre behavior from a rogue ministry in Ethiopia, out of the blue (and outta their minds!) requests for connections on social media from people who have been willingly used by satan to attack us repeatedly...

Not to mention a slew of comments about some of my content that brought our kids into it and called me all kinds of things.

It was THAT kind of week!

I sat down tonight to address a bunch of it - popped the SD card in to see what pics I could use - and came across this one.

I don't even remember taking it - but Lord knows I needed it tonight.

And I decided to just smile... cuz I needed to.

Oh - I'll address the other stuff soon - we always do... but for tonight:

I'm just gonna look at my people and smile!

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