Friday, January 26, 2018

I See You Over There...

Okay Mebbie - it's my quarterly reminder that:

I see you over there, girl!

I see you over there being the quiet and reserved middle child.

I see you working so hard in school and doing amazing!

I see you becoming a lover of reading - Harry potter is almost done (movie time!)

I see you loving Awana and church and digging in to your bible!

I see you treating people with kindness and being a bright light for Him every chance you get!

I see you loving your little brother with all of your heart.

I see you cherishing your whole family and loving us all so well!

Bottom line girl... DADDY SEES YOU!

And I couldn't be any more proud of who you are and I thank God daily that He chose ME to be your daddy!

Stay awesome, Mebbie... and I'mma keep watching!!

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