Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Main Man

This is my main man and he is growing up SO FAST!

Too fast really...

But dude had a rough kind of day today... the kind of day that reminded me he is just 6 years old.

It was challenging from the start with a rough morning before school - then an email from his teacher regarding pinching, hitting and not listening at all.

The type of day that required a daddy to leave early from work and meet him at the house after school

We had some IN-DEPTH discussions - and this type of behavior has to have consequences so little man had to skip a play date and hit the sack early.

When I got back from running - Laura said:

"Zechie specifically asked that you come see him..."
I walked into his room and said "Hey buddy..."

He was still awake and he climbed into my lap and we hugged. I asked him what he had been thinking about all night and he whispered:
"I was thinking about today... and today was not okay. What I did today was not okay..."
And he buried his head into my chest.

I am proud of him... and I told him that.

Proud that he recognizes the wrong.

Proud that he was willing to admit it.

And I assured him that I KNEW that he could do better than that because he was made in the image of God...

He smiled a sleepy smile.

We prayed a good prayer and I tucked him back in.

And all seemed well.

This daddy walked away with a lesson learned too. Zechie is NOT his sisters. He is his own little man walking to the beat of his own little drummer.

And he's only 6.

He's gonna get it and when it all clicks - he's gonna be a mover and shaker for God... and I cant wait to see what He does in and through him...

Growing up is tough, Z-Dogg... and parenting it is too!

Hang in there little homie... daddy has your back!

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