Sunday, January 14, 2018

My New Start With God

Mebrate Saidah is our DEEP, DEEP thinker.

Always has been... and not only is she a deep thinker... but she is full of empathy and compassion and the strong desire to chase God.

I am always so encouraged and inspired by her.

Last week when I picked Mebbie up from Sunday School - she had a big smile on her face and said: "Daddy - that was one of the best Sundays ever!"

I asked her why and she went on to tell me all about what they had done - and then she said, "And I got the chance to pray and write down this letter to God..." and she handed me this note that read:

"My New Start With God - by Mebbie

I feel like I am not spending a lot of time with You anymore and I want to come closer to You and I want to listen to everything You tell me.

And I want to start reading my bible more.

I want to think and read about You everywhere not just Awana and church."
And she was smiling from ear to ear!

It wasn't a bad thing - she saw this new year and new beginning as an AWESOMELY positive thing!

Mebski Love... your daddy is SO PROUD of you girl and imagine this if you can...

As much as I love you... your heavenly Father loves you infinitely more than that!

You're HIS daughter and you are so loved.

Never stop chasing Him, Mebbie!

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