Thursday, January 25, 2018

No One Said It'd Be Easy

Parenting is hard, man.

Strike that... it ain't just parenting that's hard... it's trying desperately to raise three little gifts from God as the holy beings they are in a spiritually dead, broken, fallen, innocence-attacking world.

THAT is what's hard.

And lately - this week specifically - the world tried to throw all kinds of junk at us.

And some of it was real hard stuff...

Like innocence-shaking, heart-breaking, emotion-shattering, you're too young for this kind of stuff.

And in it all, satan shows up quickly and deviously, and whispers in my ear:

"You SUCK as a dad. Look where you're at. Ugh... you're failing man... FAILING."
He whispers loud. He knows my weaknesses, my lack of confidence, my points where I lacked a solid model and guidance and leadership...

So he attacks those spots. He attacks them hard and strong. But here's the thing...

I'm stronger than he is. I have the eternal Winner on my side.

So I call him out when I sense him... and he has no choice but to get behind me.

Tonight - putting these two holy joys from Heaven to bed - I smiled and thought how much satan would love for me to see me as a failure.

Because how could a failure raise winners?

And he wants to see me fail at helping these bright lights from God shine like He designed them to.

But we ain't gonna fail.

No way, no how.

Look - nobody said this gig would be easy... but we're in it for the win.

Get behind us tough week - we're brand new again in the morning!

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