Friday, January 19, 2018

Nobody's Victim

For Christmas - this girl got an amp and a mic... it's all she really wanted.

And trust me - she has a lot to say (and sing)!

I absolutely love walking alongside her as she learns to be a voice for good, to stand up for wrongs, to SPEAK UP... she's an easy student cuz trust me - she is READY!

We've had a wacko-bizzaro week filled with all kinds of unsolicited contact, feedback and comments regarding me (daddy), our family, who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

It's been interesting AND eye-opening to say the least!

One of the lovely, friendly, uplifting comments we got was from an apparent long-time reader of our blog. I have never heard of her until this though - but she made it clear she was real aware of who I was based on the time she has been around reading our blog.

After clearly not finding much joy in my "Dear Mister President..." post or my "The President's New Clothes" rhyme - here is just a sampling of the encouraging feedback she left us:

"It's a shame to see families teach their children to look for opportunities to be victims. But, hey, they're your kids. I am sure at some point victim status will be very important in their lives as it seems to be in yours."
Tonight I shared those words with the Meronator and explained what it meant to "be a victim."

She found the whole idea and accusation from this silly, irrelevant internet troll as laughable as daddy did.

And then she kinda bowed up on it and was ready to get vocal!

Jacket off, mic in hand, steely game face on... I had to talk her down!

Look - I know I shouldn't let some silly, pointless comment from some otherwise unknown to us internet troll bug us.

This person is clearly a zealot for the current pretend "president" as a quick scroll through her 60 trillion tweets a day show... so in the end - it didn't really matter to us what she thought.

But it did provide an excellent opportunity to talk to Meron and help her understand the world we live in and how it can turn on ya quick.

And how she has a voice and that is POWERFUL - and that she will always have BOTH MOMMY AND DADDY in her corner.

Meron... those who really know you and us as a family KNOW you ain't anybody's victim, girl!

And standing up for what is right, what is true and confronting injustice will almost always bring ya some hate in this world.


Daddy has your back for as long as I am breathing, girl!

Stand UP, Speak UP, Seek JUSTICE.

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