Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Some Mommy Daddy Time!

This goofy little girl has the absolute lowest tolerance to pain I have ever seen in anybody.

So today when I got a text from Laura saying she had fallen at school and hurt her wrist - I said:

"Go get her. I KNOW she is fine but we won't have these days ever again - you'll never have today's opportunity again to go grab her outta school and make her feel loved, cared for and safe."
And so she did.

Then it was time for Awana... and well - you know - that wrist was just REALLY hurting.

She was given the choice to go or stay home - but not to sit in front of some TV show - she could rest or read. She chose to stay home... and she texted me and asked where I was at... was I almost home?

I walked in - grabbed dinner - and sat at the bar beside her. She was smiling.

I asked her how her wrist was and she said it felt okay.

I looked at her and she started smiling again.

I said, "You didn't stay here cuz of that wrist did you... you used it to get out of Awana, didn't you?"

Never one to lie... she said, "Yeah... I did."

I asked her why cuz I know how much she loves going to Awana.

She thought about it for a second and said:
"I just really needed some mommy and daddy time. Just the three of us all together..."
Be still my heart, girl.

Me too, Meron. Me too.

We ran to the store together, laughed, joked and had fun for 90 minutes before picking up the rest of the crew.

Sometimes, ya just need some mommy daddy meron time!

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