Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Still A Kid!

Sometimes I forget that Mebbie is just a 9 year old little girl!

I mean - she is spiritually more mature than most church leaders I have had the joy (or not) of being around.

She's wise beyond her years.

She practices discernment, seeks wisdom and is kind to everybody she comes in touch with.

She is always smiling, always a bubble of joy, always willing to give to others, help others and put herself last...

See what I mean?

It's hard to not think the girl is 25 years old with some worldy experience under her belt!

But then she goes and pulls her hair up like this and bounces around the house looking all super cute in her jammies and smiling and giggling and I remember...

Mebski Love is just a 9 year old cutie pie having fun in life!

Mebbie - you may be super grown up in your mannerisms and behavior...

But you'll always be my baby girl!

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