Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Taking My Girls to the Bar(r)

If ya popped the back of the Pathfinder this morning you would have seen THREE CamelBaks loaded and ready for use... which could only mean one thing...

I was gonna have some company on my favorite hill today!

That's right... we decided to end the holiday break with a bang by taking the girls to the Bar(r) with me...

Barr Trail that is!

They were super stoked... an enthusiasm that was beat only by my own super stoked-ness!

The weather was super beautiful blue skies and a balmy 35 degrees or so!


We totally took our time and enjoyed a ton of turning around and "OOOHHHING" and "AHHHHHING" at the view below us.

The young hawk-eyes with me even pointed out our car in the parking lot way down below!

They were pretty excited to learn we could see Garden of the Gods from there and even more excited to realize we were WAY higher than those high mountains and rocks in that park!

At the bailout trail we grabbed a seat on the bench and munched on some granola bars.

We had to mentally collect ourselves here - as this is the highest/farthest they had both ever made it.

The "bailout trail" is the last chance to get off the Incline and head down Barr Trail. I gave them the option to quit and they both answered with a resounding "NO WAY!"

So we all finished our snacks, drank some more water - and then headed up what I think is the hardest part - the steep steps from the bailout to the false summit.

And they KILLED IT!

So many people along the way encouraged them and gave them inspiration to keep on moving!

Thank you to everybody who did that!

I'll never forget the looks on their faces as they saw the actual top and made their way to it!

So much (deserved) pride - so many feelings of accomplishment.

I was one super proud daddy!

After we soaked in a bit of the sun and got a fellow hiker to snap a group pic of us... we headed over to Barr Trail for the 3 mile hike back down!

After doing this round trip with these two STRONG GIRLS - i have no doubt that they can accomplish ANY THING that they set their minds to!

This ain't some easy hike, folks!

And they did it with strength, no complaining and smiles the whole way!

The afternoon's work earned us all a drink AND a treat at our favorite Starbucks where we shared some stories of the trek...

Girls... you impressed the heck outta your daddy today!

Way to set a goal and tackle it head on!

I am so so so proud of the two of you!

You can come to the Bar(r) with daddy any time!

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