Saturday, February 10, 2018

COUPON: Daddy Daughter Date

Meron came to me recently - coupon in hand - and said:

"Daddy... I wanna redeem this coupon from Christmas!"
And that was it!

The date was set, the activities were planned by her and we were counting down!

She made sure that I was off of whole30 cuz Blaze Pizza was gonna be our spot!

And we had a BLAST!

Great pizza - quick game of tabletop shuffleboard (she killed me!) - and then a fast run to Sprouts for some snacks before our movie!

Next - it was off to the comfy recliners to catch a movie together.

On the way out of the theater she grabbed my hand and said:

"Best date ever!"

I made her promise me that we would ALWAYS go on dates even when she was older and married and had to work to make time for me!

She said "of course" so I'm holding her to it!

Thank you, Meron, for a WONDERFUL date night out!

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