Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Growing Up Z...

This little smiley, shiny dude has had a pretty rough week and a half or so.

Being a broken human in a fallen world has really taken a toll on him.

Not to mention he's six, in kindergarten, around peers, and the youngest of three in a house full of girls.

Add it all up and it's a formula for TOUGH TO KEEP IT TOGETHER!

And we've seen it all these past two weeks.... ALL!

And while we've had to do a LOT of disciplining (and get creative with it at that) - we've never stopped having faith in our little homie.

He's a prince and a priest in the Kingdom of God and we'll never stop believing that.

I told him all of that this morning - and then we sent him off to try again... and I was beyond stoked when Laura texted me to say his teacher said:

"Zechariah had a phenomenal day!"

I KNEW he could do it!

He was so excited to jump in my lap when I got home from running and tell me ALL about it!

And it wasn't easy for him either... making touch choices, staying away from some other kids, standing strong when he had to and even channeling his inner Kenny Rogers "Coward of the County" at times when he had to "Walk away from trouble if he could..."

I'm not naive enough to think we'll never see him stumble again... but I'll tell ya this much - I'm celebrating this day with him.

Because he deserves to know how proud of him his daddy is!

Z-Dogg... trust me little homie - life throws curves at ya man! Whether it's in kindergarten or on the job - it can get curvy and swervy.

But don't you ever, ever forget this little homie...

Daddy has your back forever!

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