Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Head Mistress

I love days like today when Laura is neck deep in photo updates for our amazing, incredible sponsors at Brighton Academy.

This is her sweet spot and where she she was made to be!

She came across that picture up there from her last trip and I love it!

It's fitting too, because...

That's this girl for sure!

She pours so much time, energy and love into the school - both for the students and staff in country - and for our sponsors, donors and supporters here in the states!

I am blessed to have a seat on the sidelines watching her do her thing!

Of course - none of it would be possible without this guy here!

When the two of them aren't destroying a bag of gummie worms - they are spending all their time trying to serve Brighton Academy and bring God honor and glory through it!

I'm super duper thankful for the both of them!

When you've been doing this almost decade - people will come in and out of your life - and with God's discernment and wisdom in our hearts - we've been able to know who to keep around and who to let go of.

These two here are Brighton Academy keepers forever!

Best dynamic duo around!

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