Friday, February 23, 2018

Intentional With Her Words

I think the increased running mileage this week caught up with me - and I dozed off after dinner for a bit.

When I woke up there was this handmade card on the bed beside me.

I know it could only have come from one person!

When I flipped it over there were these two beautiful messages written on it:

"Mommy... you are pretty, kind, caring and amazing!"

"Daddy... you are awesome, nice, cool and loving!"
Nothing like waking up to some written down love from your very own Mebski Love!

My life has taught me the power of words... both used for good AND bad.

And I have worked hard to convey that lesson to our goofballs... that we have a VERY STRONG tool in our mouth and/or pen and we can use it for good or for bad... which are we gonna do?

This girl has been working so hard lately to be intentional with the words she chooses to use.

Be it a birthday card or a note to her family or some other written note she is working on - she has spent time really choosing the words she uses - and almost always going out of her way to pick descriptive words that lift people up.

I think we all could stand to learn a little lesson from this girl and her heart for picking the wright words!

You're bringing joy through your words, Mebbie! Never stop!

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