Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Our Vision

So... it feels like the vision dragons attacked our crew all at once - as Laura, Z-Dogg and myself have all visited the eye doctor in the last 48 hours and each walked out with a prescription for some vision corrections!

And Laura lucked out and got hers first (just needed for close up computer work)!

Seriously though...

How freaking adorable is she?

She is rocking those glasses in the cutest way possible!

I can assure you that Z-Dogg will bring the cuteness, but I will not be able to rock them with the awesome confidence they do!

Mine come with years of bitter memories of wearing glasses that were at least 2.5 feet thick.

I will certainly be exploring other options here soon... but for now - we rock the spectacles 'round here!

Here's to looking super cute (and hot!) while being able to see!

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