Sunday, February 25, 2018

P.S. I Was Also Born in Ethiopia

Lazy Sunday afternoon... knocking out chores, singing songs, hitting Starbucks, playing outside for a bit... and

Writing letters to our sponsored child through Compassion International!

Meron wrote to "Little Meron" (our sponsor child is named Meron too) a while back on the app - so this letter was ALL Mebbie!

And when she learned she could draw her a picture too - she was STOKED!

She said: "You know I gotta draw my flying heart, right Daddy?"

Oh - I figured as much girl!

I love that she wrote across the top:

"P.S. I was also born in Ethiopia!"

I love how much pride she has for her beautiful homeland and birth country!

And how awesome is her picture?

She drew herself and she drew little Meron in the heart!

Sponsorship works folks... but these letters are where the real relationship and transformation happens!

Thanks for writing Mebbie!!

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