Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Way They Love

These two right here man... they bring me so much joy just by watching them love each other.

Today - Meron wasn't feeling great (tummy bug of some sort) - and stayed home from school.

Laura dropped everything - BTW invoicing, running, grocery store runs, etc - just to be with her girl.

I love the way she loves her people!

And sometimes... a little loving from mommy is EXACTLY what is needed.

Cuz by the time I got home from work Meron had turned the corner - ate some food, was acting like her regular self and was feeling 100x better!

She even yelled out the window to her teacher from the car line...

"I'll be back tomorrow!"

Laura... thank you so much for the way you are.

You're an undeserved blessing to this entire family!

I love the way you love!

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