Friday, February 2, 2018

Watch Out, Katniss...

In a move that surprised all of us, Meron came home from school a couple weeks ago and declared:

"I want to join the archery club."
The archery club?

Uh... okay... I guess?

It meant getting up an hour earlier than her brother and sister several days a week and being on point, getting ready and getting to school to practice for an hour before classes started.

No way she was gonna do that, right?


This girl has jumped outta bed and gotten everything done every morning and has really shown a desire to be there.

She's been begging for me to come watch and my schedule finally allowed it this morning.


She is actually really good at it!

Like... scary good!

I was one proud daddy as I watched her send arrow after arrow sailing across the gym to land in her target with a THUD!

And with each one - she glanced at me with a slight smile on her lips.

I see you, girl!

While she can't watch "Hunger Games" any time soon - I did tell her about it - and she was beaming!

Watch out Katniss... there's a new arrow slinger in town!

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