Saturday, March 31, 2018

That Day In Between

Today was that "day in between" if ya know what I mean.

The day after Jesus was crucified and the day before He defeated death.

It's a weird day really... scripture is kinda quiet on it - and even though we know the outcome - we feel the heaviness of that day. Can't imagine what it was like for those close to Him back then.

We spent the morning at the neighborhood park - doing an egg hunt put on by a local church - played at friends' houses - squeezed in some running - and then went to a Saturday Easter Service at our church (that was just stellar).

Pulling in to the driveway after we grabbed dinner - we saw this sign on our door that said:

"Egg'd Ya!"

And the game was on!

Our secret eggsters had sprinkled our front yard with plastic eggs and the goofballs were determined to scoop 'em all!

They did a pretty good job - and come to find out they were filled with candy too!

Digging in to their goods - they chatted among themselves about the identity of our secret egg-dropper.

"Who could it be?"

"Who draws like that?"

"You think it was... ..."

The CSI approach was on...

But we've drawn a blank!

And Meron NEEDS to know!

If you read this silly blog - and it was you - let us know so we can properly thank you!

Overall - we had a GREAT day in between today - lots of family time - lots of thinking about Jesus and what He did for us - and lots of prayers of thanks for what is coming!

Hang tight folks - tomorrow is coming!

Friday, March 30, 2018

How 'Bout A Little Squirt?

Laura came home with this bottle of liquid the other night and had us all like...


Apparently - a little attack of nostalgia hit while she was at the store - and she remembered her grandparents sipping on the Squirt and she just had to buy some!

Not sure the goofballs are buying it yet!

And me walking around saying things like "Excuse me, but could I get a medium squirt on ice, please?" isn't helping the matter much!

Their curiosity has them wanting to taste it though - so we shall see!

Get your Squirt on, people... get your squirt on!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Break Late Nights

When it's spring break - and ya didn't go on some fancy beach vacation - what do you get to do?

Stay up SUPER late and play Mario Kart!

That's what!

These goofballs LOVE this game...

And I love that they never take it too seriously...

Well - almost all of 'em don't!

But never so serious that it doesn't end in smiles!

Late night shenanigans with these two are some of my favorite times!

Enjoy it ladies - school is back next week!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Little Old Man

While I was running around in Ethiopia - somebody lost TWO teeth!

Now he's walking around the house looking like an old man who took his dentures out!

I've been giving him a hard time about how he was gonna keep his food in his mouth...

And if I'm honest - I'm half-thinking the dude is on to some big money scheme to milk the tooth fairy!

But ya know what - no matter how many teeth he has (or doesn't have) in his head...

Dude keeps me smiling!

Stay goofy, toothless Z-Dogg!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

When You're Being Used...

We just thought we were there to meet our potential newest members of the family.

That's all that was running through our minds 3 years ago when our wild bunch rolled into the home of some strangers who were having to re-home their two goldens for various reasons.

Sometimes you don't even know when you're being used by Him...

We just rolled in there crazy like our crew always did and fell in love with some dogs!

Those dogs ultimately ended up being a perfect fit for our Camp Hoffman Circus and they have been permanent figures in the family ever since.

And we thought that was all that was about... us getting some dogs.

Until last week... when I got this message from the dad of that family that we got the dogs from:

"Dear Tymm,

I just wanted to say that while it initially had nothing to do with children, our families meeting was God ordained. I am still not sure what God’s plan and purpose for it all is, but He has really broken my heart for children longing for a family of their own.

I often remember seeing you and your family sitting in our living room. You are both a challenge and an encouragement to me.

I just wanted to let you know how God has used you as an example for me in my own journey and hope in some small way, it is an encouragement to you.

Hope all is well, Happy Easter a little early and lots of blessings for your family,"
Uh... wow. What an incredible message to receive!

Encouraged, inspired and humbled.

And... dumbfounded too. I always am when I get a glimpse into God using our little crew for His kingdom...

Here's the thing man... it feels like we need to ALWAYS be assuming that God is gonna use us for something.

That way... even when we think we're just scoping out new pups for the family - we can be ready, willing and able to be a testament to something else God may be doing!

Use this crazy circus as You see fit, God!!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Get Ya Float On!

We may not be sitting on a beach somewhere with our toes in the water and butts in the sand...

And yes... it may very well be snowing outside right now...

But it is SPRING BREAK right now and that means late nights...


Park dates with friends...

And root beer floats, baby!

Whole30 is coming folks... bearing down on us like a run away train.

So lets enjoy the goodness while we can!

Here's to the delicious goodness of Spring Break Root Beer Floats!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Way Too Fast

Meron found an old gift card she had for Mardel's this weekend so I took her over to see if there was anything she wanted to get.

We split up - each looking at books we were considering and she showed back up with this one.


Okay, Father Time... it's about time to slow your roll, homie!

It's a great book - filled with all kinds of stuff perfectly timed for Meron as she is growing up... but I don't want her to grow up!

Honestly - if it takes her as long to grow up as it will for her to get through this book - we'll be set! (she's not a huge fan of reading)...

But she did dig right in when we got home...

Meron - I love that this was your choice and I love that you desire to know what things look like and understand life as you grow older.

I also love that you want to honor God as you do it... hence this book.

Super proud of your book selection girl, but for now...

Let's be 10 for a while!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Because He is Whole Again

We got home from the airport last night to a box sitting on the front porch.

We opened it up to find a note and this awesome painting from a good friend and an awesome supporter of Brighton Their World.

God has been writing an amazing story in this friend's life - complete with the hard, painful challenges He gives us to grow us - and she has been handling them in an encouraging and inspiring way.

One of the things she does to overcome the pains and roadblocks of this world is paint these beautiful, colorful paintings. And now we have one!

In her note she said:

I want you to know on every one of my paintings or drawings I ALWAYS have the eternity sun on it somewhere. Sometimes it is little or big and abstract. it's never the exact same.

My husband and I both have it tattooed on our wrist because we both love suns and sunsets.

Because of Brighton. I think of him every time I paint or draw the sun. It helps me to really think and pray to God and let Him help me make something good for someone else.

I drew this painting for you and your family. I have the sun ray hitting the cross to represent Brighton hanging with Jesus. Everything is bright and perfect because he is whole again.

That little boy of yours has changed my life too... for the good.
Uh... wow.

Holy freaking wow...


In Laura's eyes and mine.

So humbled that she would take the time to do this - and not only that - but that our little guy... God's little guy - has made such a huge impact in her world too.

Friend... you know who you are. And WE know who you are... and we are thankful we do.

Your story is big, bold, courageous and inspiring.

Thank you for including us in it!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Fierce, Bold and Beautiful

That sums up my girl here!

She is growing (too quickly I might add) into the beautiful, fierce and bold young lady that God made her to be.

She loves deeply, defends her people fiercely and is a big 'ole goofball - all at the same time.

It's an honor and a privilege to be her daddy!

I see you and I love you, Meron!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

A little pre-Spring Elf face practice in full effect!

We'll be fully ready come this winter!

He's still elf-sized!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

She Needs Surgery!

I made Meron laugh so hard the other day that she fell to the ground!

Z-Dogg came rushing to her side yelling:

"She needs surgery!"
As he started doing pretend CPR on her (I think that was his version of surgery)...

Next thing ya know the whole crew was there as part of the act!

There's never a shortage of silly drama with this group!

And we LOVE it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Her Own

I am absolutely LOVING watching this girl right here grow into her own.

Ya know - we all worry about our kids differently - and with Mebbie I was worried what it would look like being a Scottie Pippen to Meron's Michael Jordan...

Ya know what though? God built her for this!

She owns it so well and has slowly but surely become the young lady God made her to be - with all her quirkiness, uniqueness and joy that makes her her!

Girl... daddy has said it like 1,000x over... but know this... I SEE YOU!

And I love who you are!

You're original and unique Mebbie... and you are LOVED!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Handsome Little Goofball

This dude here is growing in to quite the handsome little fella!

But let me tell ya - SERIOUSNESS is not high on his priority list!

He loves a good goofy moment, a solid fart joke, potty humor, silly words and all-around shenanigans!

And honestly - he may give us a run for our money in the parenting department...

But he brings more joy than we know what to do with to our crew... and we're better for it!

Stay true to you, Z-Dogg... we love you!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Her Poofiness

I absolutely LOVE this girl and her super poofy hair!

I mean... no matter what kind of day you're having - one glimpse of the Jiffy Pop Popcorn head and you can't help but smile!

Oh... and ya wonder where she gets her innate desire to photobomb a picture?

Wonder no more!

Stay poofy, Meron... STAY POOFY!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

On the Mend

Laura has been fighting a head cold, congestion kind of thing for like 2+ weeks, complete with sneezing, fatigue and cement in her sinuses!

We've all been avoiding her like the plague to keep it kinda quarantined to just her... and so far so good!

And we think she turned the corner and there is a light at the end of her sudafed-filled tunnel!

We're praying you're back at 100% ASAP Mommy!

Feel better!

Friday, March 16, 2018

What the...???

What on earth?

Temps reached the mid-60s yesterday... and are headed back to the upper 50s today.

But we woke up to this!

I feel ya Mebbie... that question of "Daddy, do I need a coat?" is super hard to answer this time of year!

Stay crazy, Colorado!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

YAY! Celebration Worthy...

Yep... we're excited! Why you might ask?

Today we learned it was official that we signed a ten year lease on the new property in Ethiopia that is going to allow us to expand the school and continue to add grades as the students progress!

And that is certainly celebration worthy!

When I look at this aerial photo of our humble little campus at Brighton Academy I can't help but be overwhelmed by all that God has done in those walls over two years.

So much love. So much learning. So much growth, joy, happiness, water and food!

And then... then we heard God say "GROW!"

We got scared again cuz... ya know... us of little faith.

But you CRAZY supporters said "We're in!" and so we started trying to see where we could grow. It's tough in Ethiopia... to find land. And we wanted to find land that would really allow expansion so we weren't doing this again in a couple years.

And today - I got a text from Nebiat - the director at Brighton Academy - that said:

"Brother... I've great news! We officially have a signed agreement on the new land!"
You guys... if you knew what it took to get here. What was overcome. How bad satan tried to stop it - even using some of His people to try and derail it.

I look back at all that God has done here at Brighton Academy and can't help but think He was just getting started!

This current campus will ALWAYS hold a super special place in my heart for all that it took to build and for all that has transpired here.

This is ALL HIM.

We've had some supplies and materials already delivered and our hope and desire is to live out the current lease at Brighton Academy and kick off the new school year in the fall in the new location.

There is much work to do to get where we want to be... but when I look at the reasons we're doing it...

ALL of these little faces that will get to keep progressing and keep learning at Brighton Academy... that work is SO WORTH IT!

Praise God... here we grow again!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Song and Dance Sisters

The church where the goofballs attend Awana had a talent show tonight and these two have been practicing for a while to take part in it!

They were going to both do separate things - but with some encouragement from us - they decided to combine their shows.

So while Meron sang a song, Mebbie did an awesome and creative dance to it!

They were both SUPER NERVOUS, but they pulled off a great show!

They even got a little interview in afterwards from the guy who was "hosting" it.

This was one proud daddy, that's for sure!

They also invited a handful of friends who came along to support them!

Way to go girls!

Sing and dance for your audience of One!