Saturday, March 24, 2018

Because He is Whole Again

We got home from the airport last night to a box sitting on the front porch.

We opened it up to find a note and this awesome painting from a good friend and an awesome supporter of Brighton Their World.

God has been writing an amazing story in this friend's life - complete with the hard, painful challenges He gives us to grow us - and she has been handling them in an encouraging and inspiring way.

One of the things she does to overcome the pains and roadblocks of this world is paint these beautiful, colorful paintings. And now we have one!

In her note she said:

I want you to know on every one of my paintings or drawings I ALWAYS have the eternity sun on it somewhere. Sometimes it is little or big and abstract. it's never the exact same.

My husband and I both have it tattooed on our wrist because we both love suns and sunsets.

Because of Brighton. I think of him every time I paint or draw the sun. It helps me to really think and pray to God and let Him help me make something good for someone else.

I drew this painting for you and your family. I have the sun ray hitting the cross to represent Brighton hanging with Jesus. Everything is bright and perfect because he is whole again.

That little boy of yours has changed my life too... for the good.
Uh... wow.

Holy freaking wow...


In Laura's eyes and mine.

So humbled that she would take the time to do this - and not only that - but that our little guy... God's little guy - has made such a huge impact in her world too.

Friend... you know who you are. And WE know who you are... and we are thankful we do.

Your story is big, bold, courageous and inspiring.

Thank you for including us in it!

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