Sunday, March 4, 2018

He Chose Us For This

Some days - God just presses on me exactly what it is that He chose me and Laura for... and today was one of those days.

I think God digs the creativity, the fun, the photos, the blogs, the music, the passion for church done right, the goofiness and the seriousness... but what He CHOSE us for was to be the parents to this crew.

He chose for us to be made parents by Brighton and his 76 days.

He chose us to have our hearts mended by this precious creation of His...

The dose of Meron He prescribed has lifetime refills and we're so thankful for it.

He chose for us to be blinded by the smile that this girl radiates on a daily basis.

He chose us to help steer Mebbie towards Him and in the process - grow closer to Him ourselves.

He chose us to be the recipients of the love, passion for life, faith, perseverance and strength that this little guy displays!

His faithfulness to us and remembrance of our desires for a son came to life in this little Z-Dogg and the weight of that is not lost on us.

Days like today - I see my little crew - and I think about how undeserving of all of this I am.

And I thank HIM for the choices He made for us in spite of the choices we've made.

Thankful to be chosen for this...

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