Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shout Out to Phife

Meron and I were shooting a few pick up shots today as we try to wrap up her music video and we decided to give a little shout out to Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest by Meron rocking my favorite Phife shirt in the video!

I think she rocked it pretty well too!

At one point she asked me:

"Daddy - I know he was a rapper... and you really liked him... but who was Phife again?""
Perfect opportunity to school the next generation on the REAL HIP HOP that daddy grew up on!

I told her:
"Phife was only one of the dopest MCs to ever pick up a microphone... and daddy grew up listening to all of this music and rushing to the store to get their new releases..."
I could have gone on and on and on...

She contemplated it for a second... shook her head as if in full agreement and then said:
"This shirt is super comfortable..."
Well... we gotta start somewhere!

Represent, Represent!

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