Monday, March 5, 2018

Summer, Harry and Sid

Today was "Dress as a character from a book" day at school for the goofballs!

And in true goofball fashion - they waited until Sunday at like 5:30 to start thinking about it - but I think they pulled it off well!

Meron went as Summer from the book "Wonder" which her class just finished and she has watched the movie like 4 times!

Mebbie has been a READ-A-SAURUS lately and has been burning through some Harry Potter books!

She decided to go as Harry Potter... or "Mary Potter" as she was calling herself!

And then there was Z-Dogg!

Dude doesn't read... so what to do... ???

Mommy nailed it with the "Sid the Science Kid" approach and Zechie was digging it!

Way to bring the books to life, goofballs!

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