Saturday, March 31, 2018

That Day In Between

Today was that "day in between" if ya know what I mean.

The day after Jesus was crucified and the day before He defeated death.

It's a weird day really... scripture is kinda quiet on it - and even though we know the outcome - we feel the heaviness of that day. Can't imagine what it was like for those close to Him back then.

We spent the morning at the neighborhood park - doing an egg hunt put on by a local church - played at friends' houses - squeezed in some running - and then went to a Saturday Easter Service at our church (that was just stellar).

Pulling in to the driveway after we grabbed dinner - we saw this sign on our door that said:

"Egg'd Ya!"

And the game was on!

Our secret eggsters had sprinkled our front yard with plastic eggs and the goofballs were determined to scoop 'em all!

They did a pretty good job - and come to find out they were filled with candy too!

Digging in to their goods - they chatted among themselves about the identity of our secret egg-dropper.

"Who could it be?"

"Who draws like that?"

"You think it was... ..."

The CSI approach was on...

But we've drawn a blank!

And Meron NEEDS to know!

If you read this silly blog - and it was you - let us know so we can properly thank you!

Overall - we had a GREAT day in between today - lots of family time - lots of thinking about Jesus and what He did for us - and lots of prayers of thanks for what is coming!

Hang tight folks - tomorrow is coming!

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