Sunday, March 25, 2018

Way Too Fast

Meron found an old gift card she had for Mardel's this weekend so I took her over to see if there was anything she wanted to get.

We split up - each looking at books we were considering and she showed back up with this one.


Okay, Father Time... it's about time to slow your roll, homie!

It's a great book - filled with all kinds of stuff perfectly timed for Meron as she is growing up... but I don't want her to grow up!

Honestly - if it takes her as long to grow up as it will for her to get through this book - we'll be set! (she's not a huge fan of reading)...

But she did dig right in when we got home...

Meron - I love that this was your choice and I love that you desire to know what things look like and understand life as you grow older.

I also love that you want to honor God as you do it... hence this book.

Super proud of your book selection girl, but for now...

Let's be 10 for a while!

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