Tuesday, March 27, 2018

When You're Being Used...

We just thought we were there to meet our potential newest members of the family.

That's all that was running through our minds 3 years ago when our wild bunch rolled into the home of some strangers who were having to re-home their two goldens for various reasons.

Sometimes you don't even know when you're being used by Him...

We just rolled in there crazy like our crew always did and fell in love with some dogs!

Those dogs ultimately ended up being a perfect fit for our Camp Hoffman Circus and they have been permanent figures in the family ever since.

And we thought that was all that was about... us getting some dogs.

Until last week... when I got this message from the dad of that family that we got the dogs from:

"Dear Tymm,

I just wanted to say that while it initially had nothing to do with children, our families meeting was God ordained. I am still not sure what God’s plan and purpose for it all is, but He has really broken my heart for children longing for a family of their own.

I often remember seeing you and your family sitting in our living room. You are both a challenge and an encouragement to me.

I just wanted to let you know how God has used you as an example for me in my own journey and hope in some small way, it is an encouragement to you.

Hope all is well, Happy Easter a little early and lots of blessings for your family,"
Uh... wow. What an incredible message to receive!

Encouraged, inspired and humbled.

And... dumbfounded too. I always am when I get a glimpse into God using our little crew for His kingdom...

Here's the thing man... it feels like we need to ALWAYS be assuming that God is gonna use us for something.

That way... even when we think we're just scoping out new pups for the family - we can be ready, willing and able to be a testament to something else God may be doing!

Use this crazy circus as You see fit, God!!

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