Monday, April 16, 2018

Cosmic Bowling

This one here - she is ALWAYS full of plans.

Need something to do? Let her know and she'll be MORE than happy to plan out your day... your week... your month... your year even!

This Sunday's plan?

Straight from the church parking lot to the bowling alley, people!

With the lasers and fog machines kicking - it was time to get our bowl on!

The goofballs joined the "kids bowl free" program for the summer that allows them to bowl for free and only pay for shoes... and they LOVE it!

And the dude at the counter let mom and dad bowl for free too and only charged us kids rates for the shoes...

So it was an hour of rolling heavy balls down the lane...

But no matter the score or how many pins we knocked down (or didn't knock down)...

We all had a blast!

Any time spent with this crew - no matter where - is my idea of fun!

Way to bowl, Camp Hoffman!

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