Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dream On!

February 1, 1968
In Memphis, Tennessee two sanitation workers, Echol Cole and Robert Walker, are crushed in the rear of a malfunctioning garbage truck.

February 12, 1968
Memphis sanitation and public works employees go on strike until they receive decent living wage and safe working conditions. They also demand the recognition of their humanity and dignity by wearing "I Am a Man" signs.

March 28, 1968
Dr. King leads a march supporting the sanitation workers in downtown Memphis. Violence erupts during the march, and Dr. King is rushed from the scene. Dr. King vows to return to Memphis lead a peaceful march.

April3, 1968
Dr. King returns to Memphis. Despite feeling ill, he attends a rally at Mason Temple where he delivers his final sermon "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

April 4, 1968
Dr. King is mortally wounded on the balcony of room 306 at the Lorraine Motel at 6:01 pm, and is pronounced dead at 7:05 pm at St. Joseph's Hospital. Riots erupt throughout the country as news of his death spreads.

They may have shot and killed him - but they didn't kill his dream!

I love that my crew loves to hear the history behind guys like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Looking in their precious eyes as we talk about it being 50 years since he was murdered - I am overwhelmed...

By their beauty...

By their past... and their future....

By all they have overcome...

And all we have yet to overcome in this country.

"And I won't rest; I will face intimidation, and everything else, along with these other stalwart fighters for democracy and for citizenship. We don't mind it, so long as justice comes out of it. And I've come to see now that as we struggle for our rights, maybe some of them will have to die. But somebody said, if a man doesn't have something that he'll die for, he isn't fit to live."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr. - for believing in something so much that you were willing to lay down your life for it. Your work and death was not in vain...

Your dreams allowed our family's dreams to be real.

We'll keep fighting your fight...

Dream on...

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