Thursday, April 5, 2018

This Girl and Her Heart

This girl right here knows how to make a daddy and mommy smile.

She nonchalantly waltzed in after school and said:

"Oh... I made this today..."
As she held up this sign she drew...

She has NO IDEA the weight of that. None whatsoever.

See... some days - as the doubtful parents we can be - ya just wonder if you're doing things right or if they just literally can't stand you.

Today... God used her to confirm some things to us and He really cemented in my mind just how much He cares for her and her heart and soul.

And how much He loves us too...

I love that given the option to rest or draw - she could have napped or drawn anything else she wanted to - she drew this poster for us.

Your parents love you too, Meron!!

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