Sunday, April 8, 2018

Undercover Trail Runner

This little man has been begging me for a while to go up the Incline with me... and so today - with the ladies all away - it was time!

And even though that silly little "church" from our past chastised us for it back in the day and labeled us "anti-church" - this was where we held church today (and we're far from anti-church... our conversation revolved around God most of the time!)...

He was confident - kept saying "I got this, daddy!"

And those who know - the Incline and Barr Trail ain't no little walk in the park!

That pic up there was him at the "Bailout Point" - a spot about 2/3 of the way to the top where you can decide to call it quits and hit a trail down that connects to it.

There was NO way he was throwing in the towel!

To give it some perspective - that's what he had already conquered!

And this was him at the very top - after a spontaneous round of applause for him from all the climbers at the top (this community is the best!)...

We threw our long sleeves back on while we munched on Lara Bars cuz the wind was crazy up there!

And Z-Dogg just kept saying, "Daddy - it's so beautiful up here!"

He's right.

Then we headed down and that's when he shocked me!

Dude was determined to run... and he did GREAT! For like the first 1.25 miles he was CRUISING...

I had to slow him down as we neared some of the rockier spots - but his foot placement, his speed and his trail etiquette was all on point!

A couple other runners even called it out "He looks like a natural!"

I was a super proud daddy, no doubt!

A little over 2 miles down we lost the long sleeves again and stopped to take in some more views...

"Daddy... LOOK at all those trees!"

I loved watching him be in awe of God's majestic handiwork out there!

And while homeboy may have been tired... he NEVER lost his goofiness!

All in all - he went up the Incline in 63 minutes and came down Barr Trail to the car in 62 minutes.

A pretty darn impressive outing for a 6 year old and an amazing one on one time with my dude...

Best church service in a while!

Z-Dogg... when do we go back, homie?

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