Monday, May 7, 2018

Night of the Living Goofballs

Ever since I headed to Atlanta to catch the 10th anniversary screening of my friend's zombie flick ("Dance of the Dead") - Z-Dogg has been on a pretty hardcore zombie kick...

He does a pretty good Zombie too!

Freaky Zechie... freaky!

Not to be outdone by their little undead brother - I looked out the window and saw the girls coming home from a friend's house - wandering through the circle out front looking like this...

And this!

Seriously - like I told the neighbor who was walking by...

"Ya never know what you're gonna stumble upon down here, man..."

He just smiled and picked up his pace!

But in all seriousness... COME ON!

Z-Dogg wins man... hands down!

"Night of the Living Goofballs" for the win!

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