Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Normal But Not Normal

A couple weeks ago - one of Meron's doctors heard what he called a "second heartbeat" when he was listening to her heart.

He wasn't freaking out but he wanted us to see a cardiologist anyway - just to be assured that NOTHING was wrong.

I told Meron she had so much love to give she needed a second heartbeat to contain it all... and she didn't seem too stressed out about it...

Until one night she came up with the stethoscope we have... pressed to her chest and said:

"I think I hear it..."

Hard not to be a little nervous about it... and today we finally got to see our doc.

After an EKG, a super thorough series of ultrasound pictures and a good checkout by our doc - it seems our girl is just fine.

When we expressed our relief that she was normal - our awesome doc replied with a chuckle:

"Oh... I'm not saying SHE is normal. But her heart is..."
He knows us well and had us all laughing!

Just to really be safe - our big girl gets to rock this little guy for 24 hours to track her "normal" heart!

About 12 more hours and she can pull these itchy things off!

Our doc didn't seem concerned which gave us a HUGE feeling of relief.

He even said, "Sometimes these things just fizzle out..."

So here's to fizzling out and staying abnormally normal!

Proud of this beautiful big girl today...

Stay abnormal Meron... STAY ABNORMAL!

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