Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Best One Around

Our morning started off with the best mommy in the universe being away from us across the country - but it was okay - because she was flying in from Atlanta that afternoon!

We had the goods ready to go...

home made cards...

A few small gifts...

her favorite key lime pie...

And a stockpiled arsenal of hugs we were itching to unload!

This girl right here has been a game changer in my life, for sure!

See... hatred, anger, meanness, words designed to hurt and a slew of other things over many many years left me with a disillusioned and honestly reduced view and opinion of the role of "mother."

Then Laura came into the role 10+ years ago and changed everything about the way I had seen it and learned it to be.

I wrote this rhyme a few years back for her... and it still stands true!

made a mommy at first by a boy who was birthed,
from a woman on the opposite side of the earth;

and by chances or maybe by her circumstances,
or the lack of resources or the needed finances;

a choice had to be made in his first 30 days,
a choice that was simultaneously mourned and was praised;

and that choice that I'd never ever wish for another,
that choice - in an instant - made you into a mother;

and that title was big and the shoes - man you wore 'em,
as our new little boy - still unseen - you adored him;

but then God - in His sovereign approach to our lives,
came and took Brighton home while He opened our eyes;

But His work wasn't done and His love was still caring,
As He led us through heartbreak and out of it with Meron;

And your motherhood blossomed and grew like a tree,
with good solid roots - it was awesome to see!

With my very own eyes I soon came to realize,
that infertility fills our heads all up with lies;

Because here right before me, the best mother stood,
Born from love and from guidance and a heart that was good;

And if that wasn't enough to show the depth of your heart,
A couple years later - again we would start;

And so Mebbie came home - and that journey was trying,
Full of prayers and of love and some motherly crying;

And then - there you sat - the best mommy of three,
I thought - "Ha... I would never have guessed this to be..."

"The life that we'd live but it's ours and I love it."
And if motherhood was baseball - man you golden-gloved it;

But God - cuz He knows - thought that you had some room,
To love an earthly boy - and I needed one soon!

So after waiting and praying and leaning on scripture,
That crazy ole Z-Dogg... he entered the picture,

And the last decade of time has been awesome to watch,
As your motherhood skills have been kicked up a notch;

While I'm thankful for days to lift you up over others,
Every day I am grateful that you're this family's mother.

Happy Mother's Day to the best one I have ever known...

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