Saturday, June 30, 2018

His "Evil Eye"

He was sitting across from me when he did it.

He looked at me and said:

"It's my evil eye, daddy..."
I laughed...

He didn't seem to take that laughter well...

I told him it looked more like the "goofy and maybe a little deranged eye"

He looked at me like I was crazy!

And I said, "What? It's true!"

And this was his response!

Man... I'm glad this goofball is back home!

Your "evil" is more "goofy" Z-Dogg... and that's a good thing!

Friday, June 29, 2018

I Need 'Em Back!

These are my people right here...

Without them around - I tend to be a little bit incomplete.

And for the last NINE NIGHTS they have been gone.

The house has been WAY TOO QUIET.

The dogs are tired of me and have basically agreed to not look me in the eye any more.

The cul de sac is far too empty.

But it all changes tomorrow!

That's right. They are recharging right now for the final leg of the trip and the universe will be set back to "PROPER" tomorrow.

I am so glad they made the trip East and had a good time... but I am even more happy that they are back tomorrow!

Get home, homies... the camp misses ya!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

I Didn't Even Know I Had it...

She was standing by my desk with a ziploc baggie marked "From Mebbie" in her hands.

I asked her what was up and she thrust the bag towards me and said:

"Here... I want Brighton Their World to have this... it's thirteen dollars!"
We have regularly reminded them about giving - but $13 was a lot for her... so I said "Mebbie... are you sure..??"

She said:
"Yes, Daddy! I just found it in my room - I didn't even know I had it! So why do I need to keep it?"
This girl...

I kept pressing her - was there somewhere else she wanted to give it to? Something else she cared about? Something close to her heart?

She said:
"Brighton Their World IS close to my heart..."
I do not deserve the joy this girl brings to our world...

But I'll take it!

Mebbie - you rock! Never stop being the you He made you to be!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Way Too Long

It's always WAY TOO LONG in between visits with Grandma Judy!

And while I was bummed I didn't get to see her - I was so glad the goofballs got to get a little time in with her.

She loves our crew well and we're thankful for her!

We love you, Grandma Judy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

They Sat So We Could Stand Up

A rainy morning in Greensboro, NC - so what better thing to do than go visit the International Civil Rights Center and Museum located in the original Woolworth store where the famous Greensboro Sit In took place!

What do you know about that sit in?

On Feb. 1, 1960, four students from all-black North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College walked into a Woolworth five-and-dime with the intention of ordering lunch.

But the manager of the Greensboro Woolworth had intentions of his own — to maintain the lunch counter's strict whites-only policy.

Franklin McCain was one of the four young men who shoved history forward by refusing to budge - and he shared this about the feelings he had when he sat down:

"Fifteen seconds after ... I had the most wonderful feeling. I had a feeling of liberation, restored manhood. I had a natural high. And I truly felt almost invincible. Mind you, [I was] just sitting on a dumb stool and not having asked for service yet,"

"It's a feeling that I don't think that I'll ever be able to have again. It's the kind of thing that people pray for ... and wish for all their lives and never experience it. And I felt as though I wouldn't have been cheated out of life had that been the end of my life at that second or that moment."
On that first day, Feb. 1, the four men stayed at the lunch counter until closing. The next day, they came back with 15 other students. By the third day, 300 joined in; later, 1,000.

The sit-ins spread to lunch counters across the country — and changed history.

The Greensboro Four are worth remembering! Say their names with me...

Joseph McNeil

Franklin McCain

Ezell Blair Jr.

David Richmond

On Monday, July 25, 1960, after nearly $200,000 in losses ($1.7 million today), store manager Clarence Harris asked three black employees to change out of their work clothes and order a meal at the counter.

They were, quietly, the first to be served at a Woolworth lunch counter.

While I am a little jealous they got to go learn of this incredible history and I missed out - I am SO GLAD they did.

In these times were in right now - these precious lives I've been entrusted to raise need to know STANDING FOR WHAT'S RIGHT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

I have no doubt that they would willingly do the same - and they know their mommy and daddy would be right there beside them!

Thank you Greensboro Four - for what you did then - and for your story empowering the lives and minds and spirits of my little crew today.

Always stand for what's right guys - in words and actions - and I will ALWAYS have your back!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Hot Now!

When you're in the state where they're headquartered - and ya don't have one in your own hometown - ya keep your eyes open for that "HOT NOW!" sign so you can partake in some delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

And this crew found it!

Pretty sure Meron was in her doughnut happy place (and NO - she did not consume that entire dozen!)...

They went with the original glazed - cuz the original glazed are made in Heaven on fluffy glazed clouds - and look at the smile they immediately put on your face!

Then there's this goofball.

When I talked to him tonight on the phone - I asked him how his Krispy Kreme doughnuts were and he said:

"Oh... I didn't have one. I asked mommy if i could have a piece of gum instead."
Uh... what???

We got some work to do...

Even mommy got in on the doughnut love!

Glad you guys enjoyed it...

Daddy's just a TEENY bit jealous...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sleepy Summer Days


For kids it means staying up late, sleeping in and going hard all day whether it's playing or swimming - and then being able to just crash when ya need to...


And Meron has summer mastered!


Give her Cider - her furry best friend - and that's about all she needs to conk out for a while!

I'm secretly jealous of her ability to do this...

But enjoy it while ya can, girl... cuz we've amost reached the halfway point!

Summer is fading fast!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Granny Time - Day 1!

After two full days of traveling - including a broken down car and a visit to a Honda Dealership to fix it - this crew made it to Granny's house LATE last night!

So what'd they do today?

Woke up and hit the swimming pool, of course!

Then it was dinner with Aunt Connie and Uncle Ronnie...

And a fun evening walk with an AWESOME sunset!

But they weren't done yet cuz Granny had THIS!

Mug Cakes and ice cream to wrap up the day!

Me thinks they had a blast!

Laura called to let me say goodnight - but they were all pretty much DONE-ZO already!

Now they're getting some rest so they can get up and do it again tomorrow!

Have a blast soaking in the Granny time, goofballs!

Friday, June 22, 2018

3,709 Times in a Row!

Ten years ago today - on June 22, 2008 - we woke up for the first time in our own house with Meron there and I posted this above picture.

Then - in a state of tired deliriousness - I said:

" Until we get all of our pics up in an album we'll try to throw a daily picture of life with Meron up here. Enjoy!"
And that's how it began...

A picture a day. Sharing Meron growing up and us stumbling through parenthood!

Never missing a day.

Then it became a challenge... I got a little weird - I COULDN'T miss a day!

We've had a few close calls - electricity going out and me having to drive around to find a coffee shop or somewhere to post from.

But somehow - we've managed it.

Given a few days with multiple postings - as of THIS posting today I have posted...

3,709 posts in a row without missing a day


Ten years in a row - not a day missed!

It has covered so much - from Meron growing up, to Mebbie and Z-Dogg coming home, to them growing up, to mission trips, to Brighton Their World expanding, a school being built and so many other escapades.

And even though I started doing this and continued it for me, Laura and as a gift to the goofballs - we have met so many cool and fun and like-minded people through the blog!

We're super thankful for that - for each of you who has come along on these last ten years with us!

Who knows whats next... but for now? I'll keep on posting!

Here's to many, many more goofy escapades!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Road Warriors

These guys right here - they are some ROAD WARRIORS!

One road trip out west just wasn't enough for them - so early this morning they hopped back in the car to head east to spend some time with Granny!

Distance can't keep them apart!

And with this captain behind the wheel - these guys are cruising!

Seriously - this hottie can DRIVE and drive and drive and drive...

And with her second row navigators - I think she'll be doing just fine...

And the gunner in the rear will keep 'em all safe!

And then they were gone... and since I had to keep PTO on hand for when Laura heads to Ethiopia next month - it's just me and the furry ladies holding down the Camp.

Pray we survive!

Godspeed guys... and have a BLAST!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sleepy Birds of a Feather

Caught these two sleepy birds just chilling on the couch together.

I swear - Meron won't stop looking older and Laura is looking younger and younger!

Super thankful for the lives of these two... no doubt.

Stay cute, Ladies... STAY CUTE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Big Beauty

Look at this big beauty! This gorgeous creation of God's!

That gorge wall is pretty awesome too!

I am loving watching this quiet, meek, humble middle child come into her own!

Spread your wings and fly, Mebbie! We got your back!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Super Hero Stance

I was telling the goofballs tonight about the "Super Hero Stance" approach to conquering things.

I mean I saw it on "Grey's Anatomy" so it HAS to be true, right?

The point is - if you have something tough to conquer or achieve - stand in a "super hero stance" for 5 minutes before hand and you are more likely to perform like a super hero.

I told Meron on her next tough math test - I dared her to stand up next to her desk in a "Super Hero Stance" and tell the teacher "I just need 5 minutes like this..."

We'll see what happens!

Z-Dogg offered to model the stance for me and I think he knocked it out the park!

He even rocked his cape and everything!

And a VERY serious Super Hero Face.

Guys - go be the Super Heroes you were meant to be!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Best Gig Ever: Daddy-ing

This little guy right here made me a daddy... he still has my heart and we think about him every single day!

Then this girl came along and put all my daddy-ing skills to the test!

I loved her card to me this morning... "I love you with all my heart"

Then God said, "Oh yeah - ya think you're good with just the one to manage? How about two?"

And Mebbie came into our lives and brought insane amounts of joy (and she hasn't stopped!)...

Like I have come to expect from this little angel - she chose her words so intentionally to me in her card:

"thank you for being kind, loving, nice and awesome..."

Geesh - there must be sawdust in the air cuz my eyes started watering!

And finally God said: "Okay... you're doing pretty good with those girls.. have a BOY!"

And in to our lives came Z-Dogg!

Holy moly do I love this dude... he keeps me grounded in the sorority house we live in - and drives me wacky at the same time!

I absolutely ADORED the card he drew for me this morning...

Just me and Zechie... he said "Your beard was hard to draw!"

Ya nailed it Z-Dogg, Ya nailed it!

Guys... being your daddy is the biggest blessing I could have ever received.

You make the job easy and you keep me smiling the whole time!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who are putting in work...

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Date Night - Let's Get High!

When the YMCA has the goofballs for like 5 hours for "Parent's Night Out" and we get to choose any kind of date night we want - what do we do?

We head up the Incline, of course!

Even though I had already done it this morning - I was absolutely down to do it again with this cutie!

We managed to survive "stench row" on our way to getting high!

And get high we certainly did... all 1,904 feet of it!

We wrapped it up with some MOD Pizza that we destroyed before heading to pick up the goofballs!

Laura... had an absolute blast with ya!

Totally looking forward to the next date night!

Friday, June 15, 2018

My Ride or Die Crew

These people right here, man...

They're my "Ride or Die" crew!

They are down for whatever and we get into some fun adventures together!

I absolutely LOVED the road trip we just wrapped up together!

Some of the best times with our crew are had while cruising down the highway!

Guys - I am already looking forward to our next adventure!

Where to next?!?