Friday, June 8, 2018

What Do They Think of You?

What do your non-believing friends think of you? Like... really think about you?

As hard as it may be to believe - I wasn't born a christian just cuz I was born in America.

Shocking, right?

I also wasn't raised in a family that placed much emphasis on Jesus - put Him at the center of what we did - held Him in high regard or tried much to emulate Him.

It's not good or bad - it's just the way it was.

And because of some of those circumstances I carried a fairly apathetic demeanor towards faith, Jesus, religion and those who claimed to follow Him. They seemed pretty hypocritical to me.

Then I hit my early 30's and... I became one of them.

Ewww... and Yikes!

And as I grew in my relationship with Him and learned more about His nature while at the same time getting more involved in "church" - I realized I wasn't at all far off on my assessment of them.

If what I was reading and learning about Jesus was true (and I believe it is) - then these folks in the "church" either weren't reading it at all or were totally misrepresenting what He was all about.

And it grossed me out. And bothered me to no end.

I didn't like the idea of "church as a club" or "holier than thou" or looking down on anybody.

I mean - after 30 years of living life on Tymm's terms - i had far more friends who didn't believe or care to believe than I did who were chasing Him.

And so I decided to just do me.

I was gonna be the Tymm God made me to be while trying to bring honor and glory to Him - and also attempting to hold the "church" accountable to what He called us to do.

Has it hurt me?

Uh... if you've witnessed any of the last 2.5 years of jubilant joy we've had with the local church - you'll know it hasn't been fun - but it's been the right way to be...

And sometimes God uses folks to encourage ya in ways you'd never really expect.

This is my friend C-Note. I've known him for a good while through the indie rap scene in Atlanta and being on a track or two with him and generally just digging all the things he gets in to.

He's living in San Diego now and it was a true joy to meet up with him for lunch and have the whole family meet him.

We had a great couple of hours just kicking it and his generous arse even bought all of us lunch...

Then - he went and posted one of the most humbling and encouraging things ever.

He said:

Yo... what? I mean... WOW.

THIS is who I wanna be. THIS is how I wanna be seen.

Note... to say I am humbled and encouraged by this is an understatement.

Thanks for being real and know this... you've encouraged me in a way the church hasn't been able to in a long time.

I'm thankful to think that I have been able to be true to what I believe in Him without compromising who I am and who my friends see me as.

I'm thankful for this dude.

And clearly the goofballs were too as they got their "gangsta lean" on with their new friend!

Just do you... it's how He made us to be!

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