Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Always and Forever...

Just a little reminder that this here statement?

It's the truth... always and forever!

Seems like now more than ever - we need to declare this and declare it LOUDLY and BOLDLY - as our country seems to have lost its ever-loving mind!

And while this may be one of the first posts without the goofballs in it... it was worth it to drive home the point of where we stand as a family.

Wanna show where you stand too?

My friend Tasha sells these shirts over here:

So go scoop ya one or two of your own!

I know our whole family is gonna get some here soon...

I get lots of head nods, hand shakes and "Yep, it sure does" comments when I wear this around town.

So let's keep the conversation going because...

Always and Forever... RACISM SUCKS.

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