Tuesday, July 24, 2018

But You Guys Went About It The Right Way...

It's weird to me... the things people say.

Every time we stand in defense of compassionate immigration - and remind people that our family was built through immigration - somebody inevitably says something super stupid like:

"Yeah - but you guys went about it the right way..."

As if that somehow should make me comfortable with the hateful, evil, spiteful rhetoric our leaders have used towards immigrants and the lack of empathy and compassion with which they approach the refugee and immigrant in our country.

As if the fact that we did it "the right way" would somehow remove the fear from our young kids' minds that our country's leaders are promoting when it comes to immigrants and who belongs here in this country and who doesn't.

I was lying on the bed talking to Laura the other night - when a distraught Mebbie showed up - tears just streaming down her face.

"Daddy - I had a really bad dream..."
She managed to get out between sobs.

We asked her what it was and after calming down to where she could talk she said:
"Me and Meron and Zechie were forced to go back to Ethiopia while you and mommy stayed here..."
And the tears just kept on coming.

I grabbed her tight - wiped away the tears - and let her know there was NOTHING that could ever take her away from us.


Not relentless enforcement of stupid laws, not evil, mean-spirited and hate-filled leaders... NOTHING.

I prayed for her right there - prayed for her heart and spirit - and prayed for Ethiopia - to help her understand that we love it and will always go back but that she is right where God intended for her to be right now.

The next day Laura gave her a new wooden cross that we always buy when we're in Ethiopia and assured her again that she is loved, protected and safe where she is and that NOBODY can remove her from her family.

She seemed to be a lot better - at peace - and hopefully in better understanding that her mommy and daddy will never let anybody or anything break our family up.

She'll never be forcefully separated from us.

So yeah - we may have done it in what some consider the "right way" but that doesn't do much to calm the fears that our ridiculous and heartless leadership is sowing in the space of immigration.

Our kids hear it. And at times... they fear it.

And if you're silent - you're complicit.

Don't just love my kids... love ALL kids from ALL over who are in need of safety and love.

We can't be quiet around here...

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