Thursday, July 19, 2018

Family Forever!

For ten years strong the focus of this blog has been about our family... which is why I am super pumped to highlight these guys - our FAMILY in Ethiopia!

I mean... is our family good looking or WHAT?

I mean... come on... look at my niece!

If you know us - you know family doesn't mean "blood" - AT ALL.

Instead - it means hearts aligned, missions alike, and a love that actually runs deeper than any blood ever could.

This extended crew of ours has been through thick and thin with us... I could tell stories for days.

And it is a true privilege to call them FAMILY.

And hello - gorgeous little stinkers!

This was Laura's first meeting with this one... and I think they're both in love!

Nebiat... my brother... I hope you know just how much you mean to our family.

Selfishly - I wish you lived here or I lived there - because I love every minute I get to spend with you!

Dude... we have an amazing and gorgeous family... and I am forever grateful for you and yours.

Family forever and ever...

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