Sunday, July 15, 2018

Created in Christ Jesus to Do Good Works...

Okay - in all seriousness - and no offense to anybody (truly) - this is my favorite mall group bible study crew ever.

Only thing missing was mommy!

When we made the decision to pull out of Awana a while back (for several reasons) we collectively said "We're gonna make a real effort to get something in place to help us work at studying and remembering scripture."

We've just been super slow to launch...

But we changed that today!

With a steady rain pouring down - the time was ripe to grab our bible, our journals and hit Starbucks to kick off our first family memory verse!

We chose Ephesians 2:10 because... well... it just speaks so much truth to our souls.

Truth we desperately need in these weird, odd, freaky, scary hateful times we live in.

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
Simple. To the point. Perfect and true.

We are God's workmanship...

We took some time to all write it down in our journals and kinda pray about it and come up with what we thought it meant.

And then we jumped in and started having a conversation.

These guys were HUNGRY for it man!

The conversation was so good as we dove into what they thought the words meant ("what is workmanship?" and "what does unmerited mean?" [we saw it in a footnote]) and what they thought the application of this verse was for them individually and us as a family.

Honestly - I was kinda blown away by it all!

I mean... I'll stop short of calling it "church" cuz ya know last time I did that I got dragged through the mud for 8 months by "church leadership" so... oh heck... no I won't...

This was the BEST Church we could have had today!

Yeah... I said it.

Take that - silly "leaders"

Even Z-Dogg got in on it and spent a good chunk of time copying the verse down in his journal!

We wrapped it up with each of us reading the verse out loud and then closed in prayer.

We committed to working all week together to try and recite it every day and lock it in to our memory and our hearts!

I am so proud of these guys - my favorite little crew of bible study folks.

Not only were they willing and engaged - they were the ones pushing it!

Lord... work in us and draw us near so we may bring honor and glory to You in all we say and all we do...

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