Sunday, July 1, 2018

Giving with Granny!

One of the things the goofballs got to do when they were in North Carolina was spend a little time at a ministry that their Granny started called "Sew to Sow."

Inspired by seeing a picture of Mebbie in a dress before she came home - Granny started this ministry to deliver clothes and school uniforms to children ALL OVER THE WORLD and to date has shipped something like 11,000+ outfits all over the globe!

Granny and her friends sew insane amounts of clothes and chase down insane amounts of donations from people to help kids all over feel better about what they're wearing!

These two right here were SO EXCITED to be able to lend a hand!

Granny called them the "Junior Sew to Sow" crew!

Even this little homie got in on the action!

Meron summed up how she felt by saying:

"Granny... if I lived here I would help you every single day with this!"
And I believe she and Mebbie would do it!

And little Z-Dogg too!

The goofballs were stoked that they got to help pack up uniforms and outfits that will be headed to Brighton Academy this fall to be handed out as Christmas gifts by the Ethiopian staff to all of the students!

And of course - as we would absolutely expect from Granny - not a single thing leaves this place without being prayed over!

I now one thing is for certain - this crew of little goofballs is super proud of their Granny for all the hard work she puts in to help kids all over the place!

Thanks Granny for the awesome model of giving you are providing to those around you!

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K said...

This is amazing! How can we help from afar?