Sunday, July 8, 2018

Love Thy Neighbor...

Like any neighborhood - ours has its drama and craziness... but when it comes to GIVING... these neighbors of ours blow the socks off of folks!

Laura is headed to Ethiopia this week and on a whim she posted in our neighborhood Facebook group asking if anybody had any excellent condition shoes they would be willing to donate to help us bless some wonderful ladies in a ministry we work with there.

Just look at these results!

I love this so much!

So many shoes, so many styles, so many sizes... and all in EXCELLENT shape!

This is legit how it had us feeling...

Humbled, amazed and in awe!

I absolutely dig it when God presents an opportunity for Brighton's short but enormous 76 days to make an impact all around us here domestically as well.

These neighbors of ours loved and loved well!

Thanks neighbors... for rocking some seriously huge and giving hearts!

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