Friday, July 6, 2018

Spices With A Kick!

Who would have thought that a company selling spices would be the one that shows us how to be bold and stand up for what's right?

Not me... that's for sure... but guess what

Penzeys Spices be knowing... and they ain't staying quiet about it!

And we're loving it!

Laura recently got an email from them detailing this special they were running:

"So today and tomorrow (July 6 & 7) we are spotlighting the danger of supporting this President while celebrating the decency and goodness of those his administration and Party seek to dehumanize with a free $31.95 value Embrace Hope box."
So Laura and the goofballs hit up the store here in Colorado Springs for a free Embrace Hope box and to tell these folks how proud of 'em we were!

Inside this awesome little gift box was some salsa spices, some vanilla extract, an awesome magnet and pin and some cards detailing their hearts.

The Embrace Hope card had this to say:
America is an immigrant nation. It is the strength of immigration that has propelled us from just another colony to leadership among the free world. one of the greatest gifts America receives from each new wave of immigrants is an ever refreshing sense of hope, that from our Spice travels we can tell you is so rare in most everywhere else around the globe. To see America through the eyes of immigrants is to see an almost magical place where, no matter where or who you were born, your hard work can amount to something, and even better - a place where your children can receive an honest opportunity to earn a better future.

Each new wave of immigrants brings with it their own unique culture. We are so lucky to live in a time where the traditions of the wave we get to experience are so rich, and so very tasty too. Please take a moment to celebrate the kindness they bring, appreciate how much they've given up to be here, and embrace the hope at the heart of their journey. They are our future. Now is the time to thank them.

Three years ago, our President rolled out this campaign including these words: "Likewise, tremendous infectious diseases is pouring across the border." Anyone with a sense of 20th century history has no doubt who he was channeling with these words. America has always had its racists, and something about immigration has always brought out the inhumanity in a segment of our population, but what this administration is attempting is something much, much worse. In saying they are diseased, they are animals, their children should be taken away from them, this is so far beyond mere racism, this is actually Nazism and it now lives in the White House. As long as it is there, everything good in our country's history is at incredible risk.

If these beliefs ever become mainstream, the suffering will be unimaginable. But yet there is hope. In the tremendous outpouring of human decency in response to what this administration was inflicting on the most vulnerable and the most innocent, there is hope that America's best days are not behind us. Yes, two years ago suppression, collusion, lies and unlimited political spending could change the outcome of an election, but all of that combined could not change the kindness at the heart of the American spirit. November's coming.

Embrace Hope! - Thank you.
Man... they had us at the first few sentences!

Laura and the goofballs got the chance to talk to the employees and really tell them thank you for what they stand for!

They got the free Embrace Hope box - but also bought some other spices... and I can tell you where ALL of our spices will be coming from going forward!

So go check 'em out here and look for a store near you and be encouraged by the idea that morals, character and integrity DO still matter to some in our country!

Stay spicy Penzeys - and thanks for the encouragement by just being you!

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