Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sure. I'll Stop Talking About It...

I always struggled with the whole "offensiveness of the Gospel" thing. Especially before I became a disciple... I just didn't get it. What made it "offensive?" I always wondered.

But then... then I started following Him and I started seeing just how offensive it was. Not just to those who don't know Him... but to those who DID CLAIM Him as well!

Jesus wasn't kidding when He said in Luke 12:51:

"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. "
And I don't know if I have seen that Jesus-driven division any louder and clearer than when we stand up for justice and against racism. His own people start dividing super quickly - and ain't everybody falling on the right side.

It's insane. People get downright crazy in their denial that it exists and refusal to acknowledge that it is happening more and more frequently.

And here's the deal... I'll stop talking about racism when there is no more racism to talk about. Cool?

And WHOA NELLY... don't even think about saying the words "White Privilege."

White Privilege.

Those two words are enough to send people STRAIGHT OVER THE EDGE.

And then look at them and say "Yeah... it's real. And I've reaped the benefits of it..."

And they really lose it.

It happened more than once in the last week. and it's getting more frequent.

And tonight - a man we weren't even engaging with - simply didn't like that we were standing up for what's right and calling out racism. So he chose to say we were as bad as the racists in our actions of standing against it.

He pulled the age-old "There's hate on both sides from all races..."

And when I called his white privilege out - this man who I maybe have exchanged 9 or 10 words with in my entire life - proceeded to tell me I was a "two-faced racist bastard who didn't care about God at all and only cared about my self..."

Because I stood for what's right.

Because I believe God DOES see color.

Because I'll stand in defense of my kids and others who receive hate because of their skin color EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I've been on the receiving end of much worse from people who are much closer - so this fool's words didn't hurt me. But in the middle of it all - God whispered...
"See how offensive My Gospel can be?"
And it made a little more sense.

Shame on this man for speaking and behaving the way he did... but I firmly believe this: he showed his TRUE self.

And for that I'm thankful... for it helps me know who is welcome near my family and who is not.

Stay strong my friends who are choosing to stand against the hate that is ooozing all over... because...

Racism Still Sucks.

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