Monday, July 9, 2018

VBS-ing It...

The goofballs missed our church's VBS program while they were on their "Hang With Granny" road trip... so we were excited that the church that meets in our neighborhood announced a vacation bible school in the park directly across the street from us...

And everybody was invited!

They were super excited about it - and so were me and Laura since we could go squeeze in a "date night run" together!

Ya always wonder how these things will go and if the goofballs will have fun...

Well - we got our answer when we picked them up!

Somebody was super stoked about his craft mask he made - and Meron and Mebski just kept saying:

"I am so glad we went! It was so much fun!"
Hearing that made our night!

I love that these guys are so willing to roll into a space that they have never been and just fall right in place with those around them!

I hope that piece of them never, ever changes!

2 more days of it guys - have a BLAST!

Go be a BRIGHT LIGHT for Him!

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