Sunday, August 19, 2018

Making It Habit

With as much as we talk about running, go running, sign up for races and generally just have running conversations around here - you'd think EVERYBODY in this camp was down with the sport.

But that just ain't the case!

Meron is definitely not the world's biggest fan of running.

But Laura has devised a plan and she is committed to sticking it out with Meron while we transform her into a lover of the run!

They are moving into week #2 of a Galloway approach to running - it's a walk/run method that has them covering 2 miles each time they're out!

And Meron has already stepped it up a bit with an increase in her running time.

Get it girl!

Not only is she learning how important exercise is to our well-being... but she also gets to spend some quality time with this goofy creation while running through the neighborhood!

I love how dedicated to this Laura is. We're approaching it as a "must do" regardless of the weather.

We want our girl to look at running as a joyful thing when it comes up. we're not quite there yet - but we told her the old "it takes 21 days to make something a habit thing" and we're shooting for it to become just that!

Meron - we have the utmost faith in ya girl - get your run on!

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